Wishes and Whispers

She speaks to us with words in the sound of waters over the rocks.  The trick is to sit quietly and to be patient enough to listen.  Sometimes the sound is that of a whisper, reminding us of things we’ve known but forgotten – or more often than not – telling us of things we’ve not yet admitted.  At other times there’s laughter in it…  Lyrical and musical in cadence and rhythm…  Calling us and bringing a peace we often don’t allow ourselves.

There’s a tradition of finding a small treasure or totem – a leaf, a stick, pine cone, acorn – and holding it tightly, attaching a wish or a worry that you’ve carried.  When the time is right you release it into the water and let her carry it away.  Wishes are carried out and allowed to grow and perhaps be found later in life.  Worries are released and washed away.

And so it is this morning as I sit on a limestone ledge carved out of ancient seabeds and listen to a river whispering and laughing over rocks and dancing through sycamores.  The sound surrounds me and is gently accompanied by crickets and the gentle rustling of leaves.  The words are keeping me still.  I’ve brought with me a worry and a wish here to the water’s edge.  Soon enough I will set them down and let them ride the sparkling current.

The worry I bid farewell to.

And as for the wish…  The wish is one I pray finds us all.

Look for it on the current.  Listen for it in the waters.


One thought on “Wishes and Whispers

  1. When i was younger i used to spend many hours alone by the water. Something else I have forgotten and now have remembered.

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